Roasted Veggies

May 1, 2011

I decided that my first few recipes are going to be some of the staple meals/snacks made in my kitchen. There are many recipes that I make on a weekly (ok, monthly) basis. They are ones that I have taken from some of my favourite cookbooks, adapted to suit our taste and use whatever is in the pantry. This first recipe is for oven roasted veggies. It is one that I originally clipped from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine. I have made this recipe for LOTS of guests, and it is always a big hit!


  Veggies (whatever you have, or like) – yesterday I used:

      Butternut squash (1-1 ½ cups, peeled and cubed)

      1 sweet potato (peeled and cubed)

      2 carrots (peeled and quartered)

      1 med. Red onion (peeled, quartered and separated)

      10 or so mushroom caps (just snap the stems off)

      1 bell pepper cut into 1” pieces (I used ½ a red and ½ a green)

      6 new potatoes (larger ones halved)

Some other vegetables I have put in include asparagus, zucchini, parsnip, turnip, eggplant, grape tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme are great but try whatever you like).

Basically you use as much veg as you think you will eat (this fed 3 adults + a baby).


Place veggies in an oven safe dish. Add a few good ‘lugs’ of olive oil (approx 3 tbsp.) and salt and pepper to taste. Use your hands to toss the veggies, making sure everything is coated with some oil (add a little extra if needed, but don’t use too much – there shouldn’t be any pooling on the bottom of the dish).

Roast until the potatoes (which will take the longest to cook) are tender, check by poking with a fork. Be sure to stir them at least once about half way through.  I usually base the oven temp on the amount of time I have so:

        1 hour @ 375˚ – this is the ideal cooking temperature if you have the time.

        45 minutes @ 400˚   

        35 minutes @ 425˚





  1. Did the veggies tonight… Delish! The recipe is a keeper. Thanks

    • YAY!! Glad you like it!

  2. Mmm, we love roasted veggies in our house! So delicious!

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