Mothers Day

May 8, 2011

I never really thought much of Mothers Day. I always celebrate my mom on Mothers Day; cooking a meal and buying her some sort of gift, usually flowers but I never REALLY took the time to appreciate everything she’s done (and sacrificed) for me and my sisters. Today was my first Mothers Day as a mom. Although my life has changed in so many ways I don’t really notice it. I have the most amazingly happy little boy and it is a joy to spend all day with him. He makes being a mom so easy.   Reflecting on the last 8 months here are a few things I’ve learned about motherhood:

  1. Check your shoulders before you leave the house; there might be drool, puke, snot or some other unidentifiable substance on them.
  2. Do whatever works, no matter what advice people give you.
  3. Never leave home without the soother… it’s the most important piece of baby equipment.
  4. You’re gonna get pooped on, just accept it!
  5. The color white should be avoided. At all costs!
  6. Baby Einstein is to babies what porn is to horny teenagers.
  7. There is nothing better than a big wet open mouthed kiss!
  8. Sleep is overrated!
  9. Babies need A LOT of stuff… the words ‘minimalist’ and ‘baby’ cannot be used in the same sentence.
  10. The second those little arms are wrapped around my neck for a snuggle it doesn’t matter how hungry, tired, dirty or busy I am.

My Mom & Thomas

Happy Mothers Day!!



  1. Those are true words of wisdom, for any mother & a very nice picture of Tommy & your Mother!


  2. Your top 10 are dead on! Love the analogy in # 6… how did you come up with that one??? Oooopps I’m getting a visual.

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