Trout – from pond to plate

May 17, 2011

As soon as the 1st of April approaches I know things are going to change. There will be many nights of ‘working late’ and some Saturday mornings of ‘alone’ time not because Brad is so committed to his job he is putting in extra hours (which he does, don’t get me wrong) but because fishing season has opened. There is not much my husband loves more than fishing!! Although sometimes all this time on the water annoys me, it’s hard to get mad at the little boy in the candy shop that is Brad (and his dad for that matter) when they are excitedly planning their fishing routes.  Even better is hearing him talk about all the fishing adventures he will take with Thomas.

Normally there is a strict ‘gut in the woods’ rule for his catch of the day but today I thought you might learn a thing or two (as did I) about getting a trout ready for a feast.

STEP 1 – Remove the head. Start by cutting the gills on the underside of the fish until you reach the spine. Take the knife out and twist the head OR cut through the spine if it is a smaller fish.

STEP 2 – Split the belly, this is easily done with scissors or can be done with a knife.

STEP 3 – Remove the innards and rinse the fish in cold water. Use your thumb nail to scrap the sack of blood running along the spine.


STEP 4 – Remove the fins and tail with scissors (optional).

There are many ways to cook a Trout, since I’m not a big fan of a fishy smelling house we do it as much as possible on the BBQ. I usually cook this recipe in a hot BBQ on a piece of tin foil for approximately 15 minutes however, yesterday I cooked it in the house because it was raining, surprise surprise 🙂 

     2 handfuls of thyme, pull the leaves off by running your fingers down the stalk

     1 tsp. salt and pepper, to taste

     3 tbsp. olive oil

     1 or 2 lemons

     4 bay leaves, fresh if possible

Preheat oven to 475˚. Ensure the trout has been washed inside and out and patted dry with a paper towel.

Using a mortar and pestle (I use a bowl and the tip of a spoon, pretty fancy huh?!) smash up the thyme with salt, some pepper and the olive oil. Rub this mixture into the trout; covering the belly cavity and the skin.

Cut the lemons in half and remove the ends so they have a flat edge. With the point of a knife, make an incision into the flesh of each lemon half and stick a bay leaf into it.  Place the trout and lemons on a lined tray and bake for 10 minutes or until you can pull the meat easily away from the bone. If it doesn’t pull back easily return it oven for a few more minutes.

Serve the trout with the lemon on the side to be squeezed over the fish. The recipe suggests serving it pan fried potatoes and crisp green salad which is what I always do because it’s so good!


One comment

  1. Well, my mouth is watering just looking at those beautiful trout on the plate. Job well done by the fisherman and the cook.

    I know that Dad will be proud when he can take his little boy fishing.:)

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