June 2, 2011

It has been a rough 2 weeks in our house!! Thomas has a cold, his first bad cold, and did it ever take a toll on our little angel. He was tired but couldn’t sleep and hungry but not interested in eating. His little nose was so stuffed up that he could not breath to breastfeed… poor little guy!!

Snotbubble... needing to be sucked 🙂

As a newborn, I scarred him (and myself) with the bulb suringe, he was a very snotty wee-one… definitely his mothers son. So, we bought a Nose Frida Snotsucker. It is one of the best baby purchases that we made, especially this week.  You literally suck the snot out of the nose. It is now on my must have list for baby items. This is what it looks like:

The NoseFrida is a Swedish design that means ‘nose relief’. The blue tube that is inserted in the tip of the baby’s nose is easily removed and can be washed in soapy water. It has a filter that prevents the snot from travelling too far up the tube (and into your mouth…. YUCK)!! I highly recommend this little contraption, it is well worth the $21.00

Another great thing to have in the house for a stuffy baby is a cool-mist vaporizer (or humidifier). It really helped with Thomas’ chest congestion and cough… I hope you won’t need to use these sicky-baby-items… but if you have them on hand it might make your life a little bit easier…. now will I be able to use these on myself? He passed his sicky-love-germs onto me… boo hoo 😦


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  1. I think your Mother almost pee’d herself laughing! 🙂

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