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Good bye fruit fly!

August 11, 2011

Last post I promised a delicious strawberry popsicle recipe… that was three weeks ago and I have since lent the book out to a friend… next post I PROMISE!!! Today, I thought we could talk about fruit flies, I HATE fruit flies. I don’t know about your kitchen but mine has lots. Even taking all the precautions; emptying the compost daily, cleaning up after every meal  and not leaving fruit out I still have those little buggers whizzing past my face. I have come up with a few tips that will help keep them to a minimum and it has really worked this year.

Firstly, do all the things I listed above! Besides that, be sure to splash a couple tablespoons of bleach down your sink drains once a week. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rise it down. Drains are the perfect spot for fruit fly eggs! Secondly set a trap. I know you’ve all tried the ‘red-wine vinegar in the cup with plastic wrap’ trick and it works, but not as well as the cone!! To learn how to make it click here. I’ve found that the best bait to use is cantaloupe, but anything sweet (banana peel, strawberry top, beer/wine/juice) will do.

Now to get the fruit flies out, I just take the whole jar out to the composter and let them join their little fruit fly friends… but you could always pour some water down the tunnel and drown the suckers!!

Good luck in your fruit fly endeavours!!

P.S. I’ve been a major slacker with my happiness project, I hope to start up again soon, but vacation is fast approaching so it won’t be for a while.

P.P.S. I’m also amending my 1 recipe a week goal to 1 recipe a month, with a baby on the move there isn’t much time to sit around and blog!