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Greek Meatloaf

February 19, 2013

We had meatloaf for supper last night. I’m not a huge fan of ground meat but when Brad showed up with 2 pounds of ground turkey I turned to my good friend Pinterest and found this recipe. It was soooo delicious that I thought I would share it.

My only suggestions are to reduce the salt (actually I’d probably omit it all together) and cook it for 45 minutes instead of an hour.

I made it on a Monday, my sis was here (we have a sleepover every Monday) so it had to be gluten free. I subbed the panko for cooked quinoa. It was awesome! When I make this again, I will definitely use this substitution.


Valentines Recycled

February 16, 2013

What do you do with your children’s Valentines? I usually don’t keep them… who am I kidding? I don’t keep much, I’m a tosser! Tonight we made art, it wasn’t pretty but it sure was fun.

First we cut out all the pictures. Then Thomas glued them on. Next I asked him what was going on in the picture and he told me there was a train driving on the page. From there we added stickers and drawings. In the end, the pink and blue scribbles (I mean trains) travelled to all the different stops (I mean Valentine cut outs). It is very “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”-esque. Winnie the Pooh is going through the beach, the car is in the forest, the mice are in a rainstorm and Thomas (the train not the boy) is in a cave.


Nothing exciting… but something that sparks a kids imagination.


Thoughts on Cake Pops!

February 15, 2013

I’ve wanted to make cake pops for a long time. I had all the stuff (thanks Nana) and just needed some inspiration. That came when I went to a good friends wedding. On her dessert table she had the cutest little cake pops (as well as tons of other amazing goodies). I decided that since I am king a cupcake table for my best friends wedding (yes, 70+ cupcakes in August, yikes!) cake pops might be something special for her as well. So, Valentines seemed like the perfect time for a trial run.

To start, I dug the cake pop maker out and figured out how the darn thing works. Then I used google to find a pound cake recipe (that’s what I had in my head that would be good). I thought it would be dense enough to stay on the stick but still delicious. I also looked at quite a few websites for tips. This is the website I found the most helpful… aaand these are some of my suggestions:

  • Give yourself plenty of time. I made the pops one day and then gave myself two more nap times to stick and dip them. I made everything a couple of days before and froze them. I read that they would freeze well but I found the chocolate coatings taste changed a bit, don’t think I’ll freeze them again.
  • Grease your cake pop maker (looks kinda like a waffle iron). I used a light veg oil so it didn’t change the taste. I think I would like to try the hand rolling method sometime, I bet they would be deadly!
  • When dipping them in chocolate I dunked the stick, stuck it in and gave it some time to harden. I found they would turn off the stick if you didn’t give it enough time.
  • Make sure your chocolate mixture is thin (you can do this by adding veg shortening). It makes for a much more even coat.
  • Have something prepared to stand the hardening pops in. The bulk barn sells a stand for $10. I was too cheap to buy it, but will DEFINITELY get it for next time.

All in all I thought they were a fun thing to take to a party and give out as valentines. Would I make them again? Absolutely, they are cute and impressive. I can’t say if I’ll use the cake pop maker again, it took a lot of time (switching every 6 minutes for almost 3 hours). I will definitely try the hand rolling method and might even just pop a timbit on a stick sometime and see how that turns out!

In tissue paper covered styrofoam for a Valentines party.

In tissue paper covered styrofoam for a Valentines party.

Valentines for friends

Valentines for friends


A Little Valentines Something

February 4, 2013

We don’t normally do much for Valentines. The day is pretty “run of the mill”, Brad brings flowers, I cook a nice meal, and THAT’S IT! Back in the day I used to do all kinds of sweet and homemade things, but then I had babies… (blame it on the babies)!

This year I decided to do something different. My little sister Emma has a new boyfriend (who she’s all mushy about) and has decided to celebrate Valentines in 14 days (i.e. 1 valentine each day for 2 weeks)… this is soooo something I would’ve done when I was her age. She found this adorable idea on Pinterest which I’ve taken and made my own.

Six Sisters Stuff is an awesome blog. I’ve used in many times, especially for recipes. My favorite part is that one of the sisters name is Elyse, how awesome is that! I never get to have the same name as someone else!

On the blog it gives you cute little sayings and ideas to go with each. It also has the template for the tags here. Personally, 14 days is a little much for me. So I’ve decided to start the Monday before Valentines (it’s on a Thursday don’t forget) and give these adorable little gifts to both the men in my life whenever I feel like it. There will definitely be one everyday in Brads lunch bag, some hidden around his truck and maybe even in his work clothes. The idea is that they may pop up where he’s least expecting it. Thomas will get one everyday at lunchtime. Here are the bags I made:


For Brad

I wouldn’t chews anyone but you = bubble gum (his fav)

you have afishally stolen my heart = swedish fish candy*

you are one hot tamale = hot lips candy

I would be so mixed up without you = chocolate trail mix

I think you’re sodamazing = soda pop candies

I’m nuts about you = pistachios*

Life would be unbearable without you = teddy graham cookies*

For Thomas

Anything with a * above

You are the apple of my eye = dried apple rings

I’m bananas for you = a banana

happy_valentinesMaybe this is something you would like to try?! I hope whatever you do it is full of love!


OH, I’m also going to attempt cake pops for a Valentines Party next weekend, I’ll let you know how they go!