A Little Valentines Something

February 4, 2013

We don’t normally do much for Valentines. The day is pretty “run of the mill”, Brad brings flowers, I cook a nice meal, and THAT’S IT! Back in the day I used to do all kinds of sweet and homemade things, but then I had babies… (blame it on the babies)!

This year I decided to do something different. My little sister Emma has a new boyfriend (who she’s all mushy about) and has decided to celebrate Valentines in 14 days (i.e. 1 valentine each day for 2 weeks)… this is soooo something I would’ve done when I was her age. She found this adorable idea on Pinterest which I’ve taken and made my own.

Six Sisters Stuff is an awesome blog. I’ve used in many times, especially for recipes. My favorite part is that one of the sisters name is Elyse, how awesome is that! I never get to have the same name as someone else!

On the blog it gives you cute little sayings and ideas to go with each. It also has the template for the tags here. Personally, 14 days is a little much for me. So I’ve decided to start the Monday before Valentines (it’s on a Thursday don’t forget) and give these adorable little gifts to both the men in my life whenever I feel like it. There will definitely be one everyday in Brads lunch bag, some hidden around his truck and maybe even in his work clothes. The idea is that they may pop up where he’s least expecting it. Thomas will get one everyday at lunchtime. Here are the bags I made:


For Brad

I wouldn’t chews anyone but you = bubble gum (his fav)

you have afishally stolen my heart = swedish fish candy*

you are one hot tamale = hot lips candy

I would be so mixed up without you = chocolate trail mix

I think you’re sodamazing = soda pop candies

I’m nuts about you = pistachios*

Life would be unbearable without you = teddy graham cookies*

For Thomas

Anything with a * above

You are the apple of my eye = dried apple rings

I’m bananas for you = a banana

happy_valentinesMaybe this is something you would like to try?! I hope whatever you do it is full of love!


OH, I’m also going to attempt cake pops for a Valentines Party next weekend, I’ll let you know how they go!



  1. What a cute idea! I want to do this, too!

  2. Great ideas Elysee! I am so impressed with how crafty you are!

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