Thoughts on Cake Pops!

February 15, 2013

I’ve wanted to make cake pops for a long time. I had all the stuff (thanks Nana) and just needed some inspiration. That came when I went to a good friends wedding. On her dessert table she had the cutest little cake pops (as well as tons of other amazing goodies). I decided that since I am king a cupcake table for my best friends wedding (yes, 70+ cupcakes in August, yikes!) cake pops might be something special for her as well. So, Valentines seemed like the perfect time for a trial run.

To start, I dug the cake pop maker out and figured out how the darn thing works. Then I used google to find a pound cake recipe (that’s what I had in my head that would be good). I thought it would be dense enough to stay on the stick but still delicious. I also looked at quite a few websites for tips. This is the website I found the most helpful… aaand these are some of my suggestions:

  • Give yourself plenty of time. I made the pops one day and then gave myself two more nap times to stick and dip them. I made everything a couple of days before and froze them. I read that they would freeze well but I found the chocolate coatings taste changed a bit, don’t think I’ll freeze them again.
  • Grease your cake pop maker (looks kinda like a waffle iron). I used a light veg oil so it didn’t change the taste. I think I would like to try the hand rolling method sometime, I bet they would be deadly!
  • When dipping them in chocolate I dunked the stick, stuck it in and gave it some time to harden. I found they would turn off the stick if you didn’t give it enough time.
  • Make sure your chocolate mixture is thin (you can do this by adding veg shortening). It makes for a much more even coat.
  • Have something prepared to stand the hardening pops in. The bulk barn sells a stand for $10. I was too cheap to buy it, but will DEFINITELY get it for next time.

All in all I thought they were a fun thing to take to a party and give out as valentines. Would I make them again? Absolutely, they are cute and impressive. I can’t say if I’ll use the cake pop maker again, it took a lot of time (switching every 6 minutes for almost 3 hours). I will definitely try the hand rolling method and might even just pop a timbit on a stick sometime and see how that turns out!

In tissue paper covered styrofoam for a Valentines party.

In tissue paper covered styrofoam for a Valentines party.

Valentines for friends

Valentines for friends


One comment

  1. We LOVED your cake pops. They were so cute! I’m very intrigued by this Timbit-on-a-stick method, though. I think just dipping them sounds like enough work!

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