Valentines Recycled

February 16, 2013

What do you do with your children’s Valentines? I usually don’t keep them… who am I kidding? I don’t keep much, I’m a tosser! Tonight we made art, it wasn’t pretty but it sure was fun.

First we cut out all the pictures. Then Thomas glued them on. Next I asked him what was going on in the picture and he told me there was a train driving on the page. From there we added stickers and drawings. In the end, the pink and blue scribbles (I mean trains) travelled to all the different stops (I mean Valentine cut outs). It is very “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”-esque. Winnie the Pooh is going through the beach, the car is in the forest, the mice are in a rainstorm and Thomas (the train not the boy) is in a cave.


Nothing exciting… but something that sparks a kids imagination.



  1. Fun
    Tony Swim
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  2. Thomas loves to play with the train. He’s a cutie and his Grandma and Grampy love him all the world.

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