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Homemade Art Gallery

May 8, 2013

My fridge is always full of Thomas’ art work. It drives me crazy!! I love to keep his work, I just hate it on my fridge. My good friend Heather over at Laptops2Lullabies has a great art gallery hung on her kitchen wall. It’s a series of frames with clips to hold up her children’s work. I LOVE it! but I don’t have the space she has. I went to Pinterest to find some ideas. This one by really sparked my interest. I love the idea of easy installation.

Pinned Image

My version is a little bit different. I tried to make it accessible to Thomas, easy to install and of course, look nice in the small space I had to put it in.



  • 1, 1×3 pine board from Kent
  • wooden letters (the large are from the Dollarama and the small from Ebay)
  • 4 acrylic clothes pins from Michaels
  • heavy duty double sided stickers by 3M from Canadian Tire. I LOVE these, they hold up to 2lbs. each. They’re amazing and ever so useful!
  • wood stain from Kent (I just Jacobean by Minwax)

Here’s what I did:

1. Cut the board to fit my space. I based it on how much wall I had.

2. Set up to stain the letters and board. ALWAYS use a drop cloth and rubber/latex gloves, staining is messy. You can use a brush but I always use a rag and rub it on. Don’t forget the sides! Allow at least 24 hrs to dry.


3. Measure out your clothes pin placement. I just went by eye… that’s how I roll! and use a hot glue gun to attach them.

4. Prepare the wall. I had to remove pictures, fill the holes, repaint, and rehang the photos.

5. Install the board. I used a 3M sticker on each corner and a level to make sure it was straight. Once those stickers are pressed on they are not easy to remove so be careful.

6. Hang the letters. I cut up 3M stickers and used them to stick the letters on. I also used a pencil and level with a ruler to mark a line on the wall so they are straight. Once they were hung I erased the pencil and touch up painted.

7. Get WAY more excited than your toddler as you hang his artwork.