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Homemade Art Gallery

May 8, 2013

My fridge is always full of Thomas’ art work. It drives me crazy!! I love to keep his work, I just hate it on my fridge. My good friend Heather over at Laptops2Lullabies has a great art gallery hung on her kitchen wall. It’s a series of frames with clips to hold up her children’s work. I LOVE it! but I don’t have the space she has. I went to Pinterest to find some ideas. This one by really sparked my interest. I love the idea of easy installation.

Pinned Image

My version is a little bit different. I tried to make it accessible to Thomas, easy to install and of course, look nice in the small space I had to put it in.



  • 1, 1×3 pine board from Kent
  • wooden letters (the large are from the Dollarama and the small from Ebay)
  • 4 acrylic clothes pins from Michaels
  • heavy duty double sided stickers by 3M from Canadian Tire. I LOVE these, they hold up to 2lbs. each. They’re amazing and ever so useful!
  • wood stain from Kent (I just Jacobean by Minwax)

Here’s what I did:

1. Cut the board to fit my space. I based it on how much wall I had.

2. Set up to stain the letters and board. ALWAYS use a drop cloth and rubber/latex gloves, staining is messy. You can use a brush but I always use a rag and rub it on. Don’t forget the sides! Allow at least 24 hrs to dry.


3. Measure out your clothes pin placement. I just went by eye… that’s how I roll! and use a hot glue gun to attach them.

4. Prepare the wall. I had to remove pictures, fill the holes, repaint, and rehang the photos.

5. Install the board. I used a 3M sticker on each corner and a level to make sure it was straight. Once those stickers are pressed on they are not easy to remove so be careful.

6. Hang the letters. I cut up 3M stickers and used them to stick the letters on. I also used a pencil and level with a ruler to mark a line on the wall so they are straight. Once they were hung I erased the pencil and touch up painted.

7. Get WAY more excited than your toddler as you hang his artwork.



Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny

March 22, 2013

Growing up we had special baskets that each of us called our own for the Easter bunny to fill. Mine had a hand painted Bunny on it with a real cotton tail. I just love that basket! My sisters each had tole painted wooden baskets that my mom painted, they were pretty special too.

For the last two years Thomas has used a generic Dollarama basket. This year I thought I should make both the kids their own. They are not as fancy as the ones I had growing up but I think they are still pretty special.

I bought the baskets from Superstore for $3 each. I chose these particular ones because I like that they are rectangular and that the handles hinge for easy storage. Thomas, of course, was the executive color stylist.

These were very easy to make. I basically searched everywhere for letters small enough. I found these on e-bay. They came all the way from China and cost a whole .99 for 104 (4 of each letter). I’m sooo excited to find uses for the other letters.

Next I painted them with acrylic paints and then topped them with sparkly shellac. Then I glue gunned them on, easy peasy and oh-so-cute!!