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Oil of Oregano

April 24, 2013

I LOVE oil of oregano, my sister has me hooked. It’s an essential oil if you’re wondering. Used for so many things. Natures Pantry lists some of its common uses to help with

  • allergies – I, apply topically to affected areas
  • antifungal, capable of killing a variety of fungi – T
  • antioxidant/antibacterial powers – I or T
  • arthritis – I/T
  • athletes foot – T
  • bacterial infections and parasites – I/T
  • bee stings, insect bites – T
  • dandruff,  cradle cap – T
  • ear infections – T behind the ears
  • eczema – T
  • immune system boost – I
  • migraine headaches – I/T rub on temples
  • muscle aches and pains – T
  • nail fungus – T
  • sinus and nose problems – I/T
  • skin disorders and rashes – T
  • sore throat – I

Above I have placed an I for ingest or a T for topical use. This should help you figure out the best way to use oil of oregano for you symptoms.

To use it, you can just mix 2 or 3 drops with 1 tsp. of oil (coconut, olive or sunflower ) and rub on the affected area, do this especially if the skin has been broken. It is also safe to rub directly on the skin. You can also ingest it safely, using the above mixture or just placing up to 5 drops under your tongue. It tastes AWEFUL!!! I always mix my drops in a bit of OJ and chug it down. This is a great for when you feel like you are getting a cold or want cold symptoms to subside. It is also suggested that it is better take 2-3 drops a couple times a day rather than 5+ all at once.

My favorite use is to place a few drops on the kids feet when they are having a hard time sleeping.  It is to soothe and really helps calm a cough. Thomas has now started to ask for his foot medicine when he is feeling under the weather… he does his auntie proud!

Give it a try… you might just be pleasantly surprised, but be prepared to smell like a salad.


Oh Sunny Day

June 22, 2011

Although we haven’t had much sunshine (yes, I’m complaining once again!)  it is time to start thinking about what kind of sunscreen you are going use. One important thing to remember is that sunscreen (like all lotions) has an expiry date. I learned the hard way that the date is there for a reason, I got a terrible burn using expired sunscreen!

The first thing to consider is the amount of SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) you need. SPF measures how much the product shields the sun’s shorter-wave ultraviolet B rays, known as UVB, which can cause sunburn. When I was growing up SPF 15 was all you could get and considered the best but now you can buy SPF 100. So, what does that mean and is it necessary? I’ve read quite a bit of research and it all points to the fact that it’s the way you put the sunscreen on more than in amount of SPF it has in it. It is important that you apply sunscreen thickly and evenly at least 30 minutes before you go outside, and reapply after swimming, sweating or every 2-4 hours.

So, to choose an SPF number is the next question. SPF 15 blocks about 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 product blocks 97% of UVB rays, and an SPF 45 blocks about 98% of rays. From what my doctor said to me, SPF 15 is all you need when applied properly and worn with a hat and protective clothing.

Ingredients are also important when considering sunscreen. There are a few chemicals that you should stay away from (if possible) but the two major ones are; oxybenzone and benzophenone. I always try to use products that are as environmentally friendly and natural as possible. To help me make decisions I use the Environmental Working Groups cosmetics database, check it out:

I am all about trying to use products that are as natural and chemical free as possible so for sunscreen we have been using GreenBeaver SPF 30… I find it’s a little greasy but not too thick and doesn’t leave your skin white and best of all it’s made in Canada!! 

Hopefully this will help you make your sunscreen decision… that is, if the sun ever shines long enough for you to need it!



June 2, 2011

It has been a rough 2 weeks in our house!! Thomas has a cold, his first bad cold, and did it ever take a toll on our little angel. He was tired but couldn’t sleep and hungry but not interested in eating. His little nose was so stuffed up that he could not breath to breastfeed… poor little guy!!

Snotbubble... needing to be sucked 🙂

As a newborn, I scarred him (and myself) with the bulb suringe, he was a very snotty wee-one… definitely his mothers son. So, we bought a Nose Frida Snotsucker. It is one of the best baby purchases that we made, especially this week.  You literally suck the snot out of the nose. It is now on my must have list for baby items. This is what it looks like:

The NoseFrida is a Swedish design that means ‘nose relief’. The blue tube that is inserted in the tip of the baby’s nose is easily removed and can be washed in soapy water. It has a filter that prevents the snot from travelling too far up the tube (and into your mouth…. YUCK)!! I highly recommend this little contraption, it is well worth the $21.00

Another great thing to have in the house for a stuffy baby is a cool-mist vaporizer (or humidifier). It really helped with Thomas’ chest congestion and cough… I hope you won’t need to use these sicky-baby-items… but if you have them on hand it might make your life a little bit easier…. now will I be able to use these on myself? He passed his sicky-love-germs onto me… boo hoo 😦