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Visions Explained

January 22, 2013

Three different people asked me to explain my vision board. So… these are what the pictures mean to me.

Vision Board 2013.11. Playdates, lots and lots of playdates!

2. Continue practicing yoga (at least twice a week).

3. Self explanatory

4. Family time.  Lots of outdoor playing, indoor playing, just plan ol’ spending time together.

5. Continue to extend my education to make me the best teacher I can be (saaaappy)!!

6. Finish de-cluttering and organizing my moms basement (yes mom, you made the list!)

7. Rent a cottage somewhere in NS this summer with the fam. We always did this growing up, I have fond memories!

8. Set aside more time to blog (yes, I realize those are man hands… mine are a little prettier).

9. Continue to go to the pool at least once a week by myself and a couple times a month with the kids. To me swimming is a life skill.

10. Take advantage of local produce and preserve what I can so we can enjoy it off season.

11. Eat fruits and veggies… lots and lots of ’em!!

12. Start seriously looking for new diggs. Something bigger (4 bedrooms, garage, fenced backyard…) lots of requirements, not so many candidates 😦

13. Continue to teach my children about the importance of healthy eating, having them help me prepare meals and always eating together at the table.

14. Self Explanatory.

Hope this clarifies things!! Please share your vision boards if you had the chance to make one!


Visions of 2013

January 18, 2013

Last year I made a vision board. My sisters both make them and convinced me that it was a good idea. I’m really glad they did because I thought about the board often throughout the year. There are different ways and reasons to make a vision board. I did it to help me make goals for a new year. There are lots of different ways you can make a vision board. For example, where you want to be in 5 /10 years, what your ideal day consists of, or your general life aspirations. For more info on vision boards check out my sisters blog.

It is never too late to make a vision board. I just made mine for 2013 last week. I like to do it on a powerpoint slide, print it off and hang it on the inside of my medicine cabinet so I can see it everyday. Others will use Bristol board and magazine cut-outs.

This is last years vision board. These are some of my visions/accomplishments for 2012.

Vision Board 2012

Here is my 2013 board. The pictures on this board may mean something different for you than they do for me, that’s what makes it so special. I have confidence this will keep me focused for a successful 2013.

Vision Board 2013

Have you ever made a vision board? What are your visions for 2013?



January 12, 2013

I bet you never thought you were going to hear from me again. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would ever write another post. Not because I didn’t want to, but because life became busy. I went back to work, I got pregnant, we continued renovating our house and working in the yard, really… life just got Busy with a capital B! At first I didn’t miss writing at all, every now and then I would do something and think, “this would be a good post” but then life would go on and I wouldn’t think much about it again. Until now, I have been missing this, and you!

I can’t guarantee I’ll write often but I can guarantee I won’t abandon you again! My goal is to write something at least once a month. I think that is doable. Like right now, Thomas (my unbelievable smart and handsome) 2.5 year old is beside me playing in the tub while I write, multi tasking, that’s the name of my game!!

I’m so happy to be back, and have so much to tell you. A lot has gone on in 518 days. So, I’ll give you some details:

September 2011 – Thomas turned 1 and started going to the most amazing babysitter. Honestly, it seems like she has a million little rug rats running around (more like 6) and everyone is ALWAYS under control and happy, I don’t know how she does it! I went back to work part-time.

December 2011 – I got pregnant, at first it sucked, then it got better, then it sucked again.

March 2012 – Tiled a B-E-A-utiful backsplash (more on that later )

April 2012 – Went on a family vacay to Newfoundland to visit Brads family, didn’t to anything but eat and visit… pretty much heaven.

May 2012 – REALLY put the hammer down on the basement renos (well Brad did… he’s my hero)!

July 2012 – Finished work, was super pregnant and hot

August 2012 – Thomas turned two, still super pregnant (and even hotter).

September 2012 – Finished (mostly) basement renos. Beautiful baby Julia was born. She is amazing, a real trooper and wonderful lil’ sis!

October 2012 – started missing writing (and you)… really, like, A LOT!!

AND that is it. It doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much in the last 518 days but really we have. I have loads of recipes/projects/ideas to tell you about so keep your eyes peeled (but don’t hold your breath) because I’ll be back!!!


My babies, aren't they gorgeous!!

My babies, aren’t they gorgeous?!